About US

Where are we located?

We are everywhere! Our engineers team is spread across the globe, our major presence is in France, Germany, USA, Canada, Egypt and Lebanon. No matter where you are you will be assigned an engineer that speaks your language with a local phone number to call when needed.

Why Us?

If you have a small business, you have only one or two servers or cannot afford to hire someone with the expertise to run those servers, We are here for you. We offer a long range of services for small businesses who wish to outsource their servers management with local support.


Dedicated Servers

We offer a wide range or servers which will be hosted, configured and managed by us for half the price.

Virtual Servers

If you dont need a dedicated server, a VPS would give you the same benefits with lower monthly cost.

Cloud Services

Managed, scalable and customized to your requirements. Our cloud solutions come with 100% uptime guarantee.


Available 24/7! Let us take the servers management hassle of your shoulders while you focus on your business ;)

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